Limited Stoneware sale preview loading Saturday 3/30

Blogging Monster


    This is a test of the Claymonster Ordering System... or as they say in the gamer world, we're in beta.  I'm attempting to see if we can develop a w...
  • All the fun things @ Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend!

    The Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival has all the nifty satisfying fiber goodness, all the most wonderful fiber people & creatures, it's a busy bustling event for vendors, demonstrators, shoppers and crafty enthusiasts! It's all awesome all the time.
  • New Site! New Blog! And all about Claymonster Glazes.

    For my first blog I'd love to share some information about our glazes.

    This could prove to be a good reference page when you're sending an email with a request or you're looking at monsters for sale.