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All the fun things @ Maryland Sheep and Wool this weekend!

Hello everyone!

I don't need to tell you all that The Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival is one of my favorite things in the whole world because if you know me, you know I love fiber. I love EVERYTHING fiber. This event has all the nifty satisfying fiber goodness, all the most wonderful fiber people & creatures, it's a busy bustling event for vendors, demonstrators, shoppers and crafty enthusiasts! It's all awesome all the time.

Last years cancellation was heartbreaking and I remember it was the first in a series of shut downs that started to make Covid very real for me personally and financially. The S&W committee made all the best and smartest decisions in a year that was just plain crappy all around. A few months ago they made the very smart but again sad decision to keep the show virtual again for another year. Last year was a bust for our part in the festival but this year, we're ready and a quite a bit more prepared to mount a real presence in the virtual event for 2021! 

First, we've sponsored the event. Yay!

Second, we've been preparing and hoarding a whole bunch of work to have a MASSIVE sale on our website ( starting Saturday morning May 1st. Lots and lots of Claymonster's excited to go to new homes. 

Third, Cat will be live streaming on Twitch for both days from 10 am to 3 pm. For the whole weekend of May 1 & 2 we're going to pretend like we're taking part in the festival in person! Well, except we'll be in our studio doing clay and fiber arts demos, answering questions, unloading kilns live and making mini monsters for the viewers! Here is a link to our Twitch page: Join us this weekend for tons of fun but all from the safety and comfort of your own home. Neat, right?

I just took look at the MD Sheep & Wool page and spent some time seeing how things are going to present in virtual. First, here is a link to the vendors page. If you have the time and interest please support the participating vendors. Many are small creators, farmers and yarn businesses and they have not seen a sale or festival for over a year.

Here are a few of my favorite vendors and/or friends that I love to promote:

There are also virtual versions of almost all the things you'd see in a regular year: 

So... Lots happening this weekend at the Maryland Sheep & Wool! If you'd like updates on what's happening we post in three places:

  • Discord This is a place to chat, get all the latest updates and meet other Claymonster fans. 
  • Instagram This may include lots of photos of my chickens... 
  • Facebook

I hope everyone is well and I hope to see you this weekend!

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