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This is a test of the Claymonster Ordering System... or as they say in the gamer world, we're in beta. 

I'm attempting to see if we can develop a way for online shoppers to custom request certain types of Claymonsters. You will ideally be able to pick a monster style, choose a feature, add a glaze and make other item specific choices. This is a learning process so I'm not promising it will all go perfectly at first but we appreciate your help in sorting it all out. 

For most Special Request Monsters (SRM) you will notice a small price increase. This is because coordinating special requests takes loads and loads more time than usual. Prices for SRM ordered online will still include shipping. 

•Your order will be placed with a $10 deposit. After the order is placed, you'll likely get a confirmation email from Cat which may have follow up questions. 

• It will take us about 4-8 weeks to make, glaze and fire your individual one-of-a-kind Claymonster depending on what we're currently working on in the system.

• When your monster unloads from the kiln it will have a personal photoshoot, and then we'll send you a glamor shot.

• Assuming you love it to pieces, you can then pay the remainder of the adoption fees and we'll ship forthright.

Keep in mind, a good chunk of the creative details are up to the art director (me). This allows each monster to be unique. It will not be an exact copy of what's in the photos but pretty close.

Our host, Shopify only allows so many options per listed item therefore some choices will require additional communications. Please take the time to read down and make sure you understand all your options. 


FEATURES (choose only one)
• Generally Claymonsters only have one feature per monster.
This varies by monster but you'll generally pick either: teeth, tongue, ears or horns (or none).

• Due to the limitations of the Shopify ordering system horn color or tooth styles will need to be communicated outside the order. ***After making your order please email with specifics.

Here is a link to our blog that shows all the glazes we use in studio. 

• Most Claymonsters will have 2 eyes but you can opt for a single eye (monoclopse) or more than 2 (multiclopse).
• Eyes will generally have a round pupil but they can alternatively have a happy squint or an x (drunk or dead, you decide!). This collection of images illustrates a few words we use to describe some of the more subtle eye variations.

• These add-on options are not part of the shopify ordering system and will need to be communicated outside the order. ***After making your order please email with eyeball specifics.


• Some Claymonsters can have additional surface decoration and this will be indicated in the item description. Please pick only one decoration. If no surface decoration is picked we will simply glaze the monster with your chosen glaze choice.
• Surface options include: Pointy Bits (sharp dots), sgrafitto (carved squiggles), slip trail (raised surface squiggles), poxy (stamped dots on the surface), or various other stamps (stars, hearts, leaves, snowflakes, elephants, frogs, turtles, spirals, and skull&crossbones. Some glazes look better with some surface decorations more than others. If I foresee an issue I'll let you know. 

• These add-on options are not part of the Shopify ordering system and will need to be communicated outside the order. After making your order please email with surface decoration requests. 

I hope this isn't too confusing!
Please email Cat if you have any questions.
And thank you!

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