Sale starts Saturday May 1st at 10 am!

Monster of a Show

The Monster of a Show the out-of-the-ordinary craft show for the unique shopper! It's the once a year event  that brings together and show cases an amazing collection of artists and crafts people who all make whimsical, fanciful & monster themed work.

    How it started...

    Back in 2007 we had a gap in our fall show schedule, so we decided to have an open house in our basement. We called it “The Monster of a Studio Sale.” It meant a lot of house cleaning and reorganizing, and the turnout was more than we expected.

      During our show travels through the years Rich and I realized we weren’t alone in our monster making so we thought it would be fun to bring these whimsical artists together for a monster exhibition. In the 2nd year we included two additional monster making artists and it became an event. The next year there were 5 artists and MoaS had already outgrown our house.

      In 2011 Monster of a Show moved to a preschool near Towson MD and for a few years we packed that location with up to 10 vendors. This is when Cat’s mom started to “cater” with all her talented food making. For those two days MoaS was an annual event people planned for and traveled to from several states around. The first time we had a line of enthusiastic customers waiting at the door before we opened was so thrilling.

      We started to incorporate free youth art opportunities and monster craft making tables and it all kept growing.

      In 2015 we moved again to a larger auditorium space in a local church in Hamilton, Baltimore and Monster of a Show became an all in one day event.

      Our rolling stone of monster makers had collected more than a dozen artists and crafts people making items ranging from screen printed clothing, bags, pottery, jewelry, glass, paper art, soap, illustrated art and collectable stuffed creatures.

      It didn’t take long to outgrow our space yet again. In moving to a larger arts facility near Towson MD in 2018 we maxed out at 15-16 artists. Some of the vendors have been with us since the early days, some are new faces quickly welcomed as part of our monster making clan.

      Monster of a Show is a fun and busy event. If you’ve been here early, you’ll know how hectic it is. We are so thrilled to bring this group of artists together, and we are so honored to see so many familiar faces year after year. We speak of this show as a fan appreciation day. We hope you love it as much as we do.

      The decision to have a gap year for 2020 due to Covid-19 in order to keep everyone safe was a sad choice but clearly the best one. With all optimism 2021 will be a return to new norms where Cat’s mom will be feeding us with her renown culinary offerings, we’ll see familiar faces of our monster vendors, friends, volunteers and valued customers and we will share the love and joy for all things monstrous.


        There are several ways to get involved with the Monster of a Show.

          • First, we love and appreciate our volunteers who help load in, set up, and break down. Being a volunteer has the reward of getting you in the door first for an early preview of everything in the show. Claymonster also pays with “Monster Bucks” that you can use for purchases at the show.

          • We are also always looking for new monster makers. Most of our monster vendors come from a local area and are established crafts people but all recommendations are welcome.

          • We also make room every year for youth artist tables. Do you know a youngling who is monstrously creative and would like to promote their work? Doesn't have to be monsters, any art is welcome. Send us an email with contact info.