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Shop and support the monster makers.

Shop and support the monster makers.

Small businesses have suffered significantly more this year where all the craft shows and sales opportunities have been shut due to Covid-19. We'd love for our monster loving community to come together and support all of these talented small business owners for all your holiday shopping wishes. Or at least drop them an email and say hi and see how they're doing! 
Monster of a Show will be back in 2021!

The following is a listing of fabulous and amazing artists,  crafters & friends who have taken part in Monster of a Show.


Patti Backer

Creative Capes

Emily Dennis


Kelsey Wailes
Etsy: eattoast.etsy.com


Barbara Berkowitz
Website: www.frockks.com
Email: barberk0405@gmail.com

Goofball Glass

Joseph Trankina
Email: goofballglass@gmail.com
Instagram: @goofballglass

Cissy Langley

Little Tiny Spark

Doug, Trisa, Tobin & Leiden Haisma
Website: www.LittleTinySpark.com
Email: ask@littletinyspark.com

Love at First Kiss

Martha Rotten

Francene and Pete Yorko
Website: www.martharotten.com
Etsy: martharotten.etsy.com
Instagram:  @martharottenjewelry

Minxes' Trinkets

Rebecca Burrell
Website: www.minxestrinkets.com
Email: minxestinkets@gmail.com
Facebook: Minxes Trinkets
Instagram: @Minxestrinkets

Orange Scissor Art

Six Gables Originals

Deana Greenberg
Website: www.sixgables.com
Email: deana@sixgables.com
Facebook: Six Gables Originals
Instagram: @DeanaSews

Spaghetti Kiss


Magnus Hoopes and Nick Swaner
Email: squishaus@gmail.com
Etsy: squishaus.etsy.com


David Zobel