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I’m excited to be taking part in a “Twitch Pottery Throw Down!” 20 potters are coordinating streams, challenges, raid trains and competitions to stream right to you from our studios. I'll be live via the links below on Sundays and Thursdays from 12:00 PM – 3:00 PM EST starting February 1, 2021 and ending on March 14, 2021. More details about the Throw Down are below.

 Find more details about the throw down at:

Throw Down challenges are for fun and community building. They will not be judged. For the Main Make challenge viewers will be able to cast one vote for their favorite piece. Streamers may create their pieces while streaming or off stream. Participants will post images of their pottery in the corresponding discord channels. 


The Pottery Throw Down Challenge will begin on February 1, 2021 and end on March 14, 2021. For the purpose of this challenge each week will begin on Monday and end on Sunday. Throw Down challenges will be completed during the week they are assigned. The Main Make piece will be completed between Feburary 1st and March 7th. The deadline to upload an image of your finished Main Make piece into Discord is March 7, 2021. Voting for the Main Make Challenge winner will take place from March 8-14, 2021. The final announcement date is TBD.

Throw Down Challenges

Remember, the Throw Down Challenges are just for fun. We do not need finished pieces, but if you do choose to trim, glaze, fire, etc., we would love to see the finished product in the weekly challenge discord channels

Week 1 - Tiny Pottery

Week 2 - Tall Cylinder

Week 3 - Round Sphere

Week 4 - Double Walled Pot

Week 5 - Wide Bowl

Week 6 - High Shouldered Jug

Main Make Challenge

The Main Make Challenge should be a new piece created for this competition. The medium for this challenge will be limited to ceramic clay. Pieces can be hand built or made on a pottery wheel. The piece entered in the Main Make challenge must be a fired completed piece. One piece per participant may be entered into a viewers choice competition.

Main Make - Teapot and four cups with consistent design elements.